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Learning Dhamma in a small way



The Basics of Practicing Buddhism according to the Discourses in the Sutta Pitaka will be mainly considered at Buddhaviews website.

It is to bring forward the Teachings of Gautama Buddha that would help to understand the way Gautama Buddha directed those who sought the solutions for the unsatisfactoriness related to living as a human being. Lord Buddha's solutions were not for the Physical unsatisfactoriness of the mankind but the higher plane of Mental well being and satisfactoriness leading to the ultimate Blissful status called Nibbana attended by eradicating Lust, Aversion and Delusion ( Loba, Dosa and Moha) in this very life.

For a total stranger to Buddhism, The Points to ponder section is an invitation to look in to matters around us at one's personal level. One can agree or disagree to the contents there but it might be some good mind storming sessions on one's self mostly. Here we let go of the biases on many things and try to fathom things using one's free will and reasoning. The teachings of Gautama Buddha stresses the importance of one's salvation from the unsatisfactoriness or the sufferings by the person himself with the assistance of the path [Dhamma] and the conduct [Vinaya] shown by him.

When explaining Dhamma matters even to Monks, it can be readily seen from so many Sutta discourse that the Buddha has used parables and comparisons of real life to explain various dhamma points that was not easily cognisable to many. One can realise the kindness of the Buddha towards people by the effort Buddha took to deliver the knowledge he gained in a practical way to be understood. It is from these Sutta discloses that one would be able to realize the way the Buddha interacted with people. Though these incidents happened around 2600 years back, reading through many Sutta brings to fore the real life like atmosphere as the Sutta are relating the verbal discussions the way they have taken place and committing them in to writing the same way. Live discussions between people happened that far off time may not be found in anywhere else with such an authority in mankind's history. Most sutta are Dhamma discussions happened between Gautama Buddha and monks or lay people. Each such discussion or teachings of Dhamma by the Buddha enabled the participants to enter into the path of Dhamma. So before us we still have Gautama Buddha's living Dhamma and to gain an insight to Dhamma is the task we have before us. So let us try to gain some knowledge that will also lead us into the path of Dhamma. For the novice who is yet to learn the basics of the Buddha’s discourses that leads into the vast amount of explanations on the nature of the human being , that is each of us, will ofcourse be a daunting task. The reason is that the Buddha’s discourses that contain in Sutta Pitaka itself is numbering over ten thousand. There are salient points in Gautama Buddha’s discourses that will help to understand what the Buddha has disclosed. Learning all these is like having all the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle with in your grasp. You need that attention and the skill to have the jigsaw pieces connected in the correct manner to get the final image of the jigsaw puzzle put together correctly.
As a first step, the salient points of the Dhamma needs to be recognized. Even without having the knowledge of the broader meaning, one can realize that such keywords needs to be learned. The articles in Learning Dhamma would help to understand some important Dhamma matters.


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The activities of people or beings can be divided into two categories. The wholesome and unwholesome. Gautama Buddha endowed and represented whatever that was wholesome to be in the universe. A person who wants to become wholesome in thoughts and deeds undoubtedly will want to learn the Teachings of the Lord Buddha which is very rare to be found in the present day world. Simply said, Gauthama Buddha's teachings are for those who want to be engaged in activities that will uplift the physical and moral characteristics of one's self.


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